PlayStation Studios opens its page on Steam

At the beginning of the year Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, announced that among the most immediate plans and future of the PlayStation ecosystem, was the adaptation and release of some of its latest PC-exclusive games, marked by the arrival of Horizon Zero Dawn last August, and the imminent arrival of Days Gone dated for tomorrow, May 18.

However, the company announced that these would be only the tip of the iceberg, promising the arrival of a larger list of exclusives from PS4 to PC. Despite being the best-selling console in history, it makes sense that Sony opts to bring more games from the PlayStation 4 era as we move into the PlayStation 5 generation, not just increasing your market to millions of computer usersBut to try to capture and promote sales of your new console.

In fact, Sony itself has just created its own “Curator” page on Steam, a personalized landing page that works as a small meeting and promotion point for the studio’s games, showing all the games that have been published or listed in a only place.

However, although at first glance it seems that we only have 25 content, counting all the additional downloadable content and the pre-purchase of Days Gone, when we enter the details of the page, the fact that it announces the presence of up to 41 cataloged contents for the study. Which leaves us with up to 16 contents that would already be added, but hidden, and that could be predicting that PlayStation has already prepared its next title (along with some bonus content).

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have any details about what this game could be, or when we could expect to know new details about it since, although we could see a difference of several months between the arrival of Horizon Zero Dawn and the announcement of Days Gone, Ryan himself already commented that they were putting their efforts into speed up the process and quantity of these PC adaptations.

Thus, given the clear orientation of promoting the sales and titles of your new console, we cannot avoid thinking about the possible arrival of some of the deliveries, but even the complete Rachet and Clank trilogy. And it is that although we would love to see the arrival of all the deliveries of the God of War saga To PC, Sony may be saving these games for a date closer to the release of God of War Ragnarok.

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