The system analyzes the player and indicates how long it will take to finish a level.

Player time is a very valuable element, especially if we are facing a game with tens of hours of content. Thinking about it, it seems thatPlayStationHe has devised a system that has been made public recently, although his registration was filled in by 2018. It is a technology that is quite reminiscent of the one we saw in mid-February that suggested an AI that helped the player if it got stuck, facilitating the experience.

In this new patent,the main objective seems to be to analyze the user’s way of playing to optimize their time in front of the console. That is, it tells you how much play time it will take you to complete a level and even the entire title. It also takes into account the player’s schedule and alerts him if his current task does not finish on time. Which means that if we have things to do,the program helps us not to be late.

The system will notify us if we have pending tasks that start soonAlso, alsorecommend shortcutssuch as using a certain technique or taking a certain path to save time. The images filed with the patent suggest that these messages may appear on screen. We must not forget thatJason Schreier, the publisher of Kotaku, said in March that on PlayStation “they want players to feel like they can load the game right away and know exactly how long a given activity is going to take,” so it perfectly matches this new patent.

Summing up, we also know that Sony has patented a voice assistant like Cortana or Siri, therefore, it seems that all these patents are suggesting that the company may be planning to release an AI with different functions ahead of the launch of PlayStation 5. No However, even if everything fits,sometimes patents are discarded and never see the light.

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