PlayStation Now games announced for the month of December

PS Now, the subscription service that every month leaves us with new video games available, has already released the titles that will be added to its catalog during the month of December 2020. So, with the November announcements behind us, we have a total of six incorporations that are in fact already available to be downloaded if desired. These games can all be downloaded from now on, but there are others that will be for a limited time on our consoles. Then we will leave you with the list of titles available this month.

December, full of adventures

Playstation Spain itself on its Twitter, has been in charge of announcing the PlayStation Now games. This platform can be played on both PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and from a PC to the more than 700 games available from previous generations. The service’s catalog includes blockbusters, PlayStation exclusives, family adventures, and indie games. We leave you with the publication and below the list of the news of this service for December:

We leave you with the new games and also the date up to which will be available in the service:

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition – No Deadline
Wreckfest – Available until June 1, 2021
The Surge 2 – No Deadline
Stranded Deep – No Deadline
Darksiders III – No Deadline
Broforce – No Deadline

The only one with a limited time is Wreckfest. The rest of them have an expiration date in the PS Now service. It should be noted that the decision to re-include Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is again another wonderful opportunity to play Aloy’s adventure in an open world full of robotic creatures of all kinds. On this occasion, they have included the « Complete Edition » version, which comes with the Frozen Wilds expansion to continue expanding the story of the protagonist in frozen lands to defeat a new tribe.

Players have the option to subscribe to the PlayStation Now service for € 9.99 a month, € 24.99 for three months or € 59.99 a year buying your subscription in PlayStation Store or in your usual video game store, also with a free seven-day trial.