PlayStation gives the official solution to fix the download queue error on PS5

The company has published how to fix one of the headaches of the premiere of PS5.

Playstation 5

It is normal that any technological device is more susceptible to having errors in the first consignment upon arrival. It’s been a lifetime and it’s happening so much with Xbox series x as with PS5. The Sony console, which was put on sale yesterday in practically all the territories of the world, including Spain, is having a main problem derived from the download queue.

Therefore, from the official PlayStation account They have published a FAQ with the steps to follow to solve one of the main problems of PS5. If since you have the console you have had a problem with the download queue, with bugs or games that disappear, this will surely interest you and the Japanese company has told how to solve it.

It is one of the most reported problems by PS5 usersTo solve this error, from PlayStation they urge us to download the latest version of the console software and start it in safe mode. To do this, we will have to turn it on manually, holding down the start button until a second beep sounds. With the DualSense connected, we will have to choose the option “Rebuild database” to solve the problem.

Presumably from Sony they are already working to correct this problem in future updates, but at least they have shown a solution to one of the most talked about and troublesome issues of the early days of PS5 life. If you still haven’t gotten the next generation console and you are interested in knowing what it offers, we recommend our complete PS5 review.

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