PlayStation 5 will introduce VRR technology support in the future with an update

The absence of this option has raised controversy in the first days of the console’s life.

Playstation 5

The new generation is already among us and the last one to put all the cards on the table has been Sony with the release of PlayStation 5. The beginning of the life of a console always has its buts and they go getting better as days go by. One of the major absences in the console for some users it was the technology of Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), but now there is good news for PS5 owners.

“The Ultimate FAQ”, a post that PlayStation published solving many questions about PS5, has been updated and added relevant information about the VRR. According to PlayStation, this technology reach to console in the future: “After a future system software update, PS5 owners will be able to use the VRR function compatible TVs when playing games that support VRR. “

PlayStation 5 Image

Because it is important this technology? Well, if you are PC gamers you will already know a little about what this technology is about, since FreeSync and G-Sync do the same. Basically, the Variable Refresh Rate adapt the refresh rate from our screen to the one rendered by our system. That is, imagine that we have a 144 hz monitor, but our game runs at 60 fps. This technology will make our monitor fits at those 60 fps and help, for example, to avoid the annoying tearing.

It is clear that consoles can still improve thanks to future updates free software, so we can expect to see more in the future. If you skip any Error code On the console, you can check here what each one means. By the way, this week Sony has given the solution to fix the error that arose with the download queue on PS5.

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