PlayStation 5 teams up with Rick and Morty in weird and hilarious commercial

Rick and Morty already have a history of doing weird commercials, but the PlayStation 5 commercial is one of the funniest you’ll see.

The PlayStation 5 console has managed to be one of the most sought after since its launch, and although unfortunately It has not been distributed in such a way that everyone can get one, at least we know it was a best seller, because they are literally completely sold out.

But since it could not be done otherwise, Sony people want to continue selling more consoles and it is thanks to this that they approached some old acquaintances to help them promote this important launch. We are talking about the dynamic duo: Rick and Morty.

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We have already seen Rick and Morty do commercials before, in these we have seen them in very short adventures that involve the product in question and some crazy scenarios, We even saw them promote Hideo Kojima’s game Death Stranding, in a commercial where in the end they decide to eat the baby. Very weird but a lot of fun.

In the commercial that we will see now, again we have PlayStation, but now with its new console, which is promoted directly by the two main characters thanks to being paid a large amount of money, which Rick is counting in the middle of the commercial.

Here you have it for what you can enjoy it properly.

As you can see, this commercial does not beat around the bush, because it lets you know that they are promoting the console because they paid a lot of money to do it and I imagine that it was, although as always, you can feel that tone of improvisation that characterizes both the characters and the series.

We don’t know how many more commercials we can see for the PlayStation 5 with Rick and Morty as protagonists, but most likely we only have this one commercial.

Be that as it may, surely We will see you again in a future commercial for exclusive Sony console games..