We already know the launch price and date of PS5, Sony’s new generation console that has been begging for, but that will be with us at the end of November along with some interesting next gen games.

We are living a beginning of the strangest generation. In the absence of two months for the theoretical launch of the new consoles, neither Sony nor Microsoft have opened the reservation period for their new machines.

Yes, we have all the details of both PS5 and Xbox Series X, but neither a specific date nor, above all, price. After a leak from Windows Central in which they revealed the final design of the Xbox Series S (a console that we knew in depth due to different leaks), Microsoft moved to announce the console officially and its price.

It is the little sister of Xbox Series X with just enough to offer a next generation experience, but for users with televisions / monitors with FullHD resolution. Now however It’s time to talk about PS5, since it seems that the announcement of the price of the new Xbox has made the Japanese react. In fact, they just celebrated an event where they have confirmed the price of PlayStation 5.

We still do not know the price of the consoles, nor the final launch date, but the question is not only which next-generation console to buy, but whether we will have to buy a new TV to get the most out of it.

So, Sony has confirmed that the price of PS5 in standard version will be 499.99 euros. It is a price that is aligned with the new generation of Microsoft and, really, compared to the previous generation, we do not have too big a rise if we take into account that they arrive with the latest hardware and in 2013 both One and PS4 came out with outdated technologies and components. The All Digital version of PS5 will be sold for 399.99 euros.

About the launch of the console, a few days ago one of Sony’s websites changed the date ‘Holiday 2020’ to ‘End of 2020’, which for the Japanese must mean November because PS5 will be launched on November 19 in Spain.

Sony has also presented Playstation plus, a new service to play dozens of PS4 games on PS5. Just download and play.

As we said before, this beginning of generation is being strange both due to the misinformation in several key sections of the consoles and because there are not, really, games that support the jump as it did in past generations.

Microsoft is going to play the trump card of improvements for third party games and services like Game Pass.

Sony is going to bet on exclusive games to attract users, both its own titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, as well as third-party exclusives, such as the one just presented Final Fantasy XVI from Square Enix.

Another new game is Hogwarts legacy, an adventure based on Harry Potter, where we will become one of the students of the mythical school of wizards.

And the final surprise: God of War 2.

We have also seen new videos of other well-known games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Deathloop, Oddworld Soulstorm, Devil May Cry 5, Demon’s Soul or Village Resident Evil.

You have more information about all of them in the special of the PS5 event that Hobbyconsolas.com has published.