The global coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 caused thousands of companies around the planet to work against the clock in launching their new devices, thereby trying to reduce the economic problems that the arrival of the virus generated in their finances..

One of those signatures is Japan’s Sony than finalizes the details to fulfill its promise to launch before next Christmas its long-awaited PlayStation 5 (PS5), the new edition of one of its star devices that aims to lead the new generation of game consoles.

With Xbox Series X -of Microsoft- as the main competitor initially, Sony made the decision to surround the most outstanding features of its new terminal with the maximum possible secrecy.

However, Based on the discussions that arose among fans of video game consoles on the different networks, both companies decided to “drop little by little” some clues about the main characteristics of each one and thus further increase the expectation.

The latest rumor claims that the new PS5 will be “approximately one hundred times faster” than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4 (PS4)., with the objective of increasing graphic quality and thus further accentuating the realism of each of the games.

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The final answer for one of the most important “fights” that video game fans have today was revealed by the CEO of Epic Games, one of the most important developers of today. What was that he say.

In that context, processing speed represents one of the main points in which the company has been working for a long time on this part.

The President and CEO of Sony Corporation, Kenichiro Yoshida, specified that the processing speed and resolution are two of the aspects in which it works harder to “offer an immersive video game experience”.

In a document delivered by Yoshida on the firm’s strategy, The executive highlighted the “evolution of speed” on the PS5 thanks to the new high-speed SSD storage unit designed exclusively for this hardware.

The document stressed that the new terminal will have a speed of processing of data of game “approximately one hundred times greater” than the PS4.

Yoshida confirmed that loading times will be “much shorter” and he stressed that players should be able to move “through huge worlds almost instantly”.

Another advance of the new game console will be its new joystick, called DualSense, which will have haptic technology and adaptive triggers.

According to the developers, the new command will provide “realistic sensations” and will also integrate a 3D audio processing unit.

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As the planet debates strategies to best combat the spread of the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of companies around the globe sharpen their wits to minimize the economic impact that preventive measures will have on their finances.

Furthermore, in the document The company confirmed that the launch of the brand new PS5 will be next Christmas, as planned, although the exact date has not yet been specified..

Beyond the many images that circulate on the network, It is still unknown what the design of the new Sony game console will be as well as the value with which it will go on sale.