PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, download these games without paying

If you spend too much time at home and you no longer know what to do to entertain yourself, we give you some options so that you can download some video games for free if you have a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console.

To download the games, available on the aforementioned consoles, you need to have the Ultimate Game Pass in the case of Xbox One, or with the PlayStation Plus if what you have is a PlayStation 4, this way you can have them without paying.

Video games that you can download for free. Photo: Xbox One Reform

There are five games available for this console, remember that there is always the option to delete them if you don’t like one, so you don’t lose anything by trying to try them and have a fun time.

Overwatch: Origins Edition ARK: Survival Evolved LEGO Indiana Jones Aragami Tekken 7 PlayStation 4

For this console the games available for free are:

The Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War. Hollow Knight. Melbits World.

It does not hurt to try to download any of them to spend some time playing with your family and if one does not convince you, just delete it so that you can recover the space that was occupied on your console.

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