Look back to value the present and understand what the future may hold. That is the maxim of a series of articles that lead us to discern who have been the best in specific disciplines of the game. If in previous chapters we analyzed who were the best triplistas and top scorers, now we focus on a much-needed and symptomatic discipline of track intelligence and generosity: assists. In a NBA Where the physicist wins integers, the historical best assistants ranking yields few active players and many bases from past decades that elevated this parameter of the game to a higher status.

One of them is John Stockton, the man who reinvented pick & roll alongside Karl Malone in the 90s Utah Jazz. A guy with peripheral vision and hand speed just unheard of, who holds the league record for assists. Magic Johnson It is also on the list, although more delayed than expected. In the case of the Lakers, it is necessary to clarify that he is the maximum assistant in playoff games, which gives an idea of ​​his winning character and magic at peak moments.

Jason Kidd, Mark Jackson and Steve Nash represent a similar type of player, while Isiah Thomas and Gary Payton They demonstrated that the defensive claw is perfectly compatible with the ability to pass the ball. It is surprising not to see current players like the top-10 Russell Westbrook or Rajon Rondo, as well as the total absence of large players, being Lebron James the one with the most stature on this list, in addition to the aforementioned Magic, with impressive physical characteristics for its time, and even for the current one. These are the Top Ten Assist Players in NBA History.

John Stockton: 15,806

Jason Kidd: 12,091

Steve Nash: 10,335

Mark Jackson: 10,334

Magic Johnson: 10,141

Oscar Robertson: 9,887

Chris Paul: 9,607

Lebron James: 9,298

Isiah Thomas: 9,061

Gary Payton: 8,966