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The Clausura 2020 of Liga MX was canceled and the next Apertura 2020 tournament is cooking. As the holidays for the footballers end, because they broke ranks of their teams after training from home due to the health contingency, Mexican soccer clubs are expected to return to activity in mid-June and the movements of discharges and casualties of each institution.

Regarding the Guadalajara Sports Club, possible casualties have been rumored for the following event. In this list we show you the players who could leave the Flock this summer.

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1. Raúl Gudiño

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The 24-year-old Mexican goalkeeper has not had the expected performance after his return to Mexican football, although he did not have a great performance and activity during his stay in Europe in Portugal and Cyprus, he was able to forge in terms of maturity and competitive experience, since he even shared a dressing room with one of the best goalkeepers in history Iker Casillas. In the Guadalajara box Antonio Rodriguez He won the match during the Apertura 2019 and Clausura 2020, so his representative must already look for the exit and one of the interested clubs that has sounded is Necaxa after his starting goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez He will return to his club of origin in Monterrey, it is also said about the possibility of arriving in Pumas.

2. José Juan Macías


One of the best Mexican scorers in the last year and a half in Mexican soccer, and the most promising youth forward in Liga MX, the Atletico rojiblanco consolidated for a year within the institution of León and returned with the Tapatíos in early 2020. Now there is talk of the possibility of signing for a team from the Old Continent, those that have sounded recently are the Lille Olympique SC of the Ligue 1 and the Borussia Dortmund of the Bundesliga.

3. Cristian Calderón

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The left back arrived in Clausura 2020 for a fortune to the Sacred Flock and there is speculation about the possibility of being signed by the Rayados de Monterrey.

4. Eduardo López

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The Chofis He has left a lot to be desired in recent tournaments, after almost seven years in the institution he has not been able to consolidate his career after being considered as a promising footballer, a change of scenery could come in handy, it has been rumored that Monterrey and Chivas were preparing an exchange of players and the rojiblancos would include him in the deal, otherwise they could acquire his services in particular. It is not a fundamental part of the Guadalajara club and its recent scandals on social networks have not done the board anything good.

5. Ángel Zaldívar


The Aztec attacker left the Flock on loan in Monterrey in late 2018 for a year, then in early 2020 he arrived in Puebla and now there is talk of the possibility of going to Necaxa or even permanently staying with the strip.

6. Alejandro Zendejas

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The polyfunctional midfielder could return to the Major League Soccer, with 22 years and after having trained in the basic forces of FC Dallas of the MLSSome media have claimed that a North American team wants to hire him.