This past Friday Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan were inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame as members of the class of 2020. With the three legends of the league already within the award-winning Memorial Naismith (a Lack of the celebration of the entrance ceremony), is already beginning to forecast the candidates who will be on the list of 2021.

Like every season, there are many names that start with shuffling, and also as always, there is a very specific and small list of them that are practically guaranteed entry into the Hall of Fame. Three of those candidates are:

Paul Pierce

Pierce wrote his own page in both NBA and Boston Celtics history. In his achievements he highlights: 1 Champion Ring (2008, Boston Celtics), 10 times NBA All Star, 4 times All-NBA (x1 Second Team, x3 Third Team), Champion of the Triple Contest (2010), 15th in the list of highest historical scorers with 26,397 points.

Chris Bosh

One of the Miami Heat ‘Big Three’ members who dominated the NBA in the early 2010s. Bosh, throughout his NBA career, achieved: 2 Champion Rings (2012, 2013), 11 times NBA All Star, 1 time All NBA (Second Team), 17,189 points in 13 seasons in the league.

Chris Webber

In a 15-season NBA career riddled with injuries and personal problems, Webber is a favorite to enter the Hall of Fame next year: 5 times All Star, 5 times All NBA (x1 First Team, x3 Second Team, x1 Third Team), Rookie of the Year for the 1993/94 Season (Golden State Warriors), Leader in Rebounds in the 1998/99 Season (Sacramento Kings).