Players get expelled a cheater in full direct

Season 3 of Call of Duty: WarzoneUnfortunately, it is not bug-free either and cheats. Despite continued “efforts” by Activision and Raven Software to improve the battle royale experience, the cheaters return time and time again without much complication. The good news, if we want to see it that way, is that some are ridiculed live. And we are not talking about just any broadcast, but about those that are being watched by tens of thousands of people.

This week, Jack Dunlop, better known as CouRage, was playing Warzone alongside other streamers. Like many of us, CouRage suffered the actions of cheaters. And it is that when you face users with aimbot (automatic aiming) it is quite difficult to be victorious in a direct combat. The streamer, of course, could do nothing to prevent his unfortunate outcome in the game.

The interesting thing comes next. Many of the spectators who were following the live started reporting the cheater via Twitter. In fact, CouRage did the same and published its complaint citing the account of Raven Software, the study in charge of Warzone:

«Hey @Activision @RavenSoftware. I think it would be extremely helpful to have someone watch our live shows and kick out the cheeky cheats on the spot. Now there are two cheaters joining our lobbies and ruining our Warzone experience with roughly 150,000 viewers watching. “

To the surprise of many, the developer studio took immediate action as the game progressed. Yes, the cheater was expelled from Warzone in full direct and CouRage couldn’t hide his excitement:

In this case, of course, there was a positive outcome for the streamers. It is clear that the popularity of the live show helped attract the eyes of Raven Software and act on the spot. However, unfortunately it is not a fact that is usually replicated with the rest of the players. The most worrying thing with cheats is that, once expelled, they look for a way to create alternative accounts to resume their activities.

During April, Activision said it would take tougher measures against cheaters Warzone, including hardware banning. However, to date there are no signs of improvement on this issue.

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