Players from different Brazilian football clubs released on Monday a video asking the class to unite so that the return to work occurs safely in the midst of the pandemic of the new coronavirus and also to contest possible changes in legislation. The material was released by National Federation of Professional Athletes (Fenapaf).

In the video, the players made it clear that they only support the resumption of activities and competitions if they receive the approval of the medical authorities. This Tuesday, Internacional and Grêmio will conduct training in their CTs. An FPF meeting, on the other hand, defined that there is no date for the return of the Paulista Championship and training sessions, something that will only happen jointly and with the release of the state health authorities.

Players ask for safe return of football

Photo: Disclosure / Fenapaf / Estadão

A bill authored by Congressman Arthur Oliveira (DEM-BA) foresees a series of benefits for clubs due to the crisis period, including the freezing of Profut’s payment. The most uncomfortable article for players is the one that talks about the 50% reduction of the indemnity clause in cases of termination of contracts. But Deputy Julio Delgado (PSB-MG) published an amendment to overturn this clause.

“Brazil, it’s time for everyone to unite. We are a people, a nation, we have different realities in our class. Most only work three times a year. 95% of us receive less than two minimum wages. Changing the laws without listening This is not cool. We are here and we need to be listened to carefully. After all, we are a democracy. The Brazilian people love and want football back, we also love and want to go back. Our families need us. all for the work, but we need to think about the health of all of us. Safe work, greatness of the nation. With faith, we will win this match together! “, say the athletes in the statement.

The video features Diego and Everton Ribeiro (Flamengo), Fernando Prass (Ceará), Alecsandro (CSA), Leandro Castan (Vasco), Fernando Henrique (Santo André), Réver and Victor (Atlético-MG), Nenê and Hudson (Fluminense), Bruno Alves (São Paulo), Marinho (Santos), Léo and Fabio (Cruzeiro) and Felipe Melo (Palmeiras).

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