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Video games can provide many hours of entertainment, but on many occasions we forget that in order for them to work, they need sophisticated circuitry that is exposed to current variations, so it is important to have a good protection system or not to play in situations where Recommended, otherwise there are chances that misfortunes will occur, such as a strong electric shock, as recently happened to a professional player.

Jaime « Karma » Bickford is a professional player and presenter of the Rocket League. Last weekend he participated in a game tournament. Karma was narrating TAROCO’s fabulous plays and [ALEV] IS, but when the score went 4 – 0, suddenly the young woman gave a cry of surprise and soon after the control.

Karma could not articulate an explanation of what had happened and only sobs were heard and there was some uncertainty among the viewers. A few moments later, with marker 7 – 2, the young woman explained that there was a strong electrical storm near her house and that apparently lightning struck her house or in a very close place, causing her to receive a shock through of the control he used. As a consequence, the DualShock 4 control stopped working and Karma had minor burn injuries to her hands.

Why did this happen to Karma?

Fortunately, the consequences in the case of Karma were not so serious, as it emerged relatively unharmed from this misfortune, but it could have been much worse.

If you wonder why this happened, we inform you that when there are thunderstorms, it is highly inadvisable to play video games or use any other device with complex circuitry, since during the phenomenon the power supply destabilizes and there are strong voltage variations.

Because of this, if an equipment is connected to the electrical power without protection, it is very likely that it will be damaged if lightning strikes or there is a very high peak in the current. This, as you can see, can not only harm the team, but even the people who play with it. In the case of Karma, for example, it does not specify if its equipment was connected to a regulator or some protection system, but mentioned that its control melted near the USB connection, indicating that it was connected to the console while playing. Thus, the electric shock went through the equipment and reached his hands.

Fortunately, as we mentioned, in the case of Karma there was not much to regret, because the control stopped working, but his hands healed after resting them on ice the following night. Thus, we take the opportunity to advise you not to play in unsuitable conditions, to do so with safety equipment or even to unplug it during an electrical storm.

We leave you with the image that shows how the control input was where the download went through.

What did you think of this story? Have you ever experienced something similar? Have electrical equipment broken down in a thunderstorm? Tell us in the comments.

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