If the segment on RAW was something to think about, then Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah might become a regular on screen sooner rather than later.

Seth Rollins finally broke out and unleashed a brutal beating against Murphy following his victory over Dominik in a Steel Cage Match. As Murphy struggled with pain outside the ring, Aalyah checked on Rollins’s disciple before entering the ring.

The moment between Aalyah and Murphy has led to speculation that WWE could be teasing a romantic angle on screen. Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the post-fight segment on the most recent issue of Wrestling Observer Radio.

Dave Meltzer speculated that Aalyah could end up hooking up with Murphy as the RAW segment seemed clearly designed to drive the angle.

Interesting idea by Bryan Alvarez for Rey Mysterio’s daughter

However, Alvarez believed that there is also the possibility of Aalyah hooking up with Seth Rollins as Murphy will never leave the Monday Night Messiah side.

Alvarez then released a story in which he said he would like to see Aalyah line up with Seth Rollins and Murphy. The dispute between Monday Night Messiah and Mysterio gets another layer, and WWE can stretch it all the way to WrestleMania.

On the Show of Shows, Alvarez said a tag team championship match with Rey and Dominik teaming up to face Seth Rollins and Murphy, with Aalyah in the corner, sounds like a solid story that could go on.

Meanwhile, Aalyah doesn’t even need to fight as he can help Seth Rollins win some fights and increase the position of the badass.

For now, we can see what happens in the coming weeks, but without a doubt WWE has set its sights on the daughter of the legendary masked man, and it seems that soon we will see more of her on screen.

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