Mexico City.- The archbishop primate of Mexico, Carlos Aguiar Retes, pointed out that society must respect life and give priority to that universal right.

During the 9th March for Life, this time carried out digitally and through social networks, Aguiar Retes recalled that the third article of the UN says:

“Every individual has the right to life, liberty and the security of his person.”

He stated that if this universal right is not respected, it cannot be respected with the rest of human rights.

“We have to generate full awareness with society of the most important universal right approved by the UN. If there is no life, there is no subject who enjoys other human rights. ”

Song in favor of life

Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter Alexander Acha, along with Eduardo Verástegui, announced the release of a song called “I want to live”, which calls for giving priority to life before other situations.

“It is a figurative song because it is the baby that sings, there are musicians recording Mexico from Italy, it is a powerful song, very beautiful,” he said.

“What we want is to touch hearts that are vulnerable, in a process of acceptance and face a truth that changes your life when they tell you that you will be a father.”

“I share them with much affection because the things of God happen like this, we wanted to release this song for a few months, it comes out a day before the march.”

“God is behind all these principles, values, movement and life, God promotes life, people who promote life are with God,” he said.

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Life no matter the circumstances

The journalist and lecturer, Lilianna Rebolledo, commented that external pressures are what force the majority of women to abort in the event of rape.

During her participation, Rebolledo commented that she was kidnapped and raped. At 12 years old, she was pregnant.

He noted that despite adverse circumstances, it never crossed his mind to go to an abortion clinic.

She added that many people told her to have an abortion, but she never did it because she knew that her daughter would change her life.

“We have to change these stigmas, not revictimize women, we have to empower women, it is true that it is scary, but it is love that makes the difference,” he said.

“Men also have to take responsibility, not leave a woman alone because she does not get pregnant alone.”

Defend everyone’s life

The producer, actor and singer, Eduardo Verástegui, commented that fighting for life involves many situations.

“Being pro-life is not only defending the right to be born, we do not stop there, looking for the lives of street children, they should not live on the street, adolescents with addictions work with them to get ahead with programs and therapies, We also have to help them regain their health so that they embrace a healthy life. ”

“Let us treat women as if they were our mothers, also help those who are deprived of liberty and who were unfairly accused, the sick who cannot go to the doctor and the elderly who are in asylums and who have them abandoned” .

“It is defending the life of everyone, not just that of some, life is sacred, it is a gift, and we have to defend it with our own lives, see life for those who cannot defend themselves.”

“If all the mother had a crystal belly, no one would abort because they would see the growth of a living being.”

He added that he had the opportunity to make 32 premiers throughout the Mexican Republic of the movie “Unexpected”, which is in favor of life.

He commented that during the tour he did through the country, he realized that there are more people in favor of life than in favor of abortion.

“Most of us are in favor of life, of values, of marriage, more than 80 percent. The bad news is that we are not well organized, we are not well articulators.”

“The other group that is in favor of abortion are better organized, so it is important to get together, we are stronger as long as we are organized,” he said.

Emanuel assures that love must prevail

The singer Emanuel, for his part, commented that women should feel proud to be able to create life through their wombs.

He indicated that the “abortion industry” is a business “I do not think it is a movement that wants to defend women, it is a business because people’s organs are sold, but advertising acts in favor of non-life, they are favor of death ”.

He added that some situations of modernity are not better than those of the past “we are quite worse than before because the destruction of the family is sought, but they can never destroy love.”

“He who seeks the love of death does not respect women, what he least has is love, it is a hidden business of millions of dollars,” he insisted.