Plane runs over bear on runway and this is the responsible airline

The various incidents that have occurred between airlines have become unfortunate scenarios that remind us of how important it is to understand the market in which an aircraft is key.

Among the challenges that are being faced today are those that have to do with the way brands interact.

One element that we cannot lose sight of in the midst of these challenges has to do with innovation in making an airplane an efficient vehicle.

An unexpected incident has been registered at an airport, where a plane collided with a bear when landing in Alaska, a situation that adds to the long list of unfortunate events that airlines are experiencing in the world.

The events occurred on Saturday, November 14, when a Boeing 737-700 landed at Yakutat Airport in eastern Alaska, at which point it struck a brown bear on the runway.

Although the controllers authorized the landing, when the pilots were in said procedure, they saw two bears cross the runway, when the pilot felt an impact and later discovered that the bear was lying dead 6 meters from the blow.

The airline involved is Alaska Airlines, whose plane saw the engine damaged.

Airlines facing contingency

Contingency is a key moment in the market and in this sense it is important to identify guidelines, from which it becomes necessary to bet on defining new tasks in the air market.

An element of great value is the one that warns us of the ability of brands to identify increasingly relevant tasks.

In the midst of these actions, an element of great value is the one that warns us of the ability to work through increasingly valuable points, such as identification with the consumer based on their reality.

The pending in the air market

Innovating has become the greatest promise in the air market, however, contingency has forced this innovation to focus on operations.

In order to maintain their activities, various airlines have had to implement all kinds of protocols, through which they have tried to bet on strategies that do not have waste, on the contrary, they have stood out because they have managed to identify trends of great value in the market .

Faced with this scenario, an element that we cannot lose sight of is how important it is to manage talent from the capacity it has to be able to innovate in the market.

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