CDMX.- The commentator of TUDN, Marc Crosa highlighted Antonio Carlos ‘Black’ Santos, Rodolfo Pizarro too, but the former player of America He launched himself against the Inter Miami player, assuring that the footballer is “crybaby” and “gossipy.”

On his Twitter account, Marc Crosa He recalled a ‘Negro’ Santos goal for PSV when the Brazilian was playing in America, and the commentator assured that Santos was “a player scandal”.

‘Negro’ Santos thanked Crosa and this publication took it up again ‘Russian’ Zamogilny, who assured that the former player of America was the best.

On another level. For Real Madrid! ”, Wrote Rodolfo Pizarro.

Before Pizarro’s comment, ‘Negro’ Santos responded and pointed out that the Mexican has a level, but for Miami.

“Finally, you already left the country. Besides you are a gossip, counting the intimacies of the dressing room. I invite you to show a similar goal, “wrote‘ Negro ’Santos.

In another comment, Santos responded to Pello Maldonado and mentioned that Pizarro was “a crying girl”; He charges a lot, has done nothing and assured that the player has poor numbers in Chivas, Pachuca and Monterrey.

Finally, Santos assured that Pizarro was “an inflated player.”

A week ago, Pizarro and Santos argued before the mask that the Inter Miami player used.

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