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The closure due to the pandemic has already lasted more than 100 days and finally a light is seen at the end of the tunnel, as several cities will be able to visit the cinemas and three animated movies can be seen on the big screen.

They have been difficult days, total days of confinement, frustrations and worries, but finally, little by little, things will get back on track and you will be able to leave, of course, with the new normality.

Below we will mention some of the movies that you can find in theaters:

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This movie about elves and other fantastic beings It looked a bit odd, but it surprises us with multi-color animation, attention to detail, a witty story, action, and laughter.

Through the metaphor, he portrays the adolescence like that wonderful and difficult stage, full of insecurities and discovery; elections as a sometimes bumpy road, leading to self-knowledge.

The characters are finely woven and we can empathize With them completely, our hearts widen, as we feel a lump in our throat.

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This movie is a kaleidoscope of ideas and details, which cleverly and emotionally analyzes our complex system of thoughts and feelings.

Build a fascinating and enchanting mental world, where the « islands of personality » are cemented according to the preferences and evolution of our lives.

Land in a fun way, abstract concepts such as memory, dreams and thinking, making it understandable and attractive to both children and adults.

In these difficult times, when mental health is a concern, Intense-Mind leads us to a sweet reflection.

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One of the highest grossing animated movies of history which stole the hearts of Mexicans, by capturing with great precision and detail the idiosyncrasy of our inhabitants.

Through a animation incredibly colorful, who portrays old national emblems, a boy discovers his vocation and makes peace with the past and his ancestors. Everything is seasoned with good music and voices like that of Gael García Bernal and Marco Antonio Solís.

The best thing is his reflection: the importance of keepsake for loved ones that we have lost; they live in our hearts, so they are not gone.

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