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Today we remember Pitbull, this talented artist whose music has made an impact worldwide! And it is real, in Mexico we have only been able to see him at the Flow Fest and what a wonder, those of us who went are really happy, I can die now! Well first I finish the article. All Pitbull hits here on Music News.

Well first of all, you have to know that Pitbull is not called Pitbull, it is his stage name, but his real name is Armando Christian Pérez, who is better known as Pitbull, and this talented Cuban and North American artist is also a singer, rapper, composer, and music producer, and well, also a real hottie. I melt!!!

But do not melt so much, the 40-year-old artist already has children, Bryce Pérez and Destiny Pérez! So don’t dream a lot, or yes, but as something platonic. The reality is that this talented singer is widely recognized for the excellent songs, melodies, mixes, arrangements and collaborations that he has done throughout his career, I swear to you, any song you hear from Pitbull, no matter the collaboration, is always a success.

Some of the songs that we recommend are; “I Know You Want Me”, “Fireball” in collaboration with Johnny Ryan, or “Timber” with Kesha.

We also have “Rain Over Me” with the gorgeous Marc Anthony, “On the Floor” in collaboration with Jennifer López… Do you need more !!?

Ah we forget a classic, “Get it Started” with Shakira.

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