Pirelli’s priority for F1 2021: tough, scare-free tires

The 2019 tire update entails a notable increase in resistance to cope with the increased downforce that Formula 1 cars have experienced in recent times.

Pirelli ran into a problem when teams rejected tires developed for 2020 and Formula 1 continued racing last year with tires developed for 2019, campaign in which the downforce of the cars was lower than the current one.

This caused some inconvenience last year, with unexpected blowouts and accidents. Therefore, Pirelli has developed by 2021 tires that prioritize integrity beyond question, even if this implies a reduction in performance.

“We are not talking about 5% or something like that, it is a clear advance”

“We don’t want to have any problems with the tires,” admitted Mario Isola, Pirelli’s chief technical officer. «I can say that it is a clear advance. It is visible. We are not talking about 5% or something like that, which is probably a small number. It is a clear step »says Isola regarding the strength of the new tires.

Simulations to achieve the objectives

The drivers have been disappointed with the new tires in tests carried out during the 2020 season, but Pirelli has been adamant in setting its priorities for this year and develops a comprehensive simulation program to ensure that all of its objectives are met.

“We are doing some stress testing of the tires for hours and you can see a big difference,” insists Isola. “It is important to understand how to translate indoor tests so that they are a mirror of what happens on the track, that is the ultimate goal of any indoor test”.

But it’s not that easy, because you have to consider the load, the dynamic camber, the speed, the pressure », details the Italian. “So what we’re trying to do is replicate what happens in outdoor conditions with our indoor tests.”