Pirelli unveiled just over a week ago the three rubber compounds it will take to the first eight Grand Prix this season. Well, the eight that currently appear on the calendar as the first part of this year, on the assumption that all of them – hopefully – can compete.

But now Pirelli has made a second decision that the teams have admitted for practical reasons. The Italian firm does not have time to manufacture the tires in the number that the teams want, so it will bring to each Grand Prix a ‘standard envelope’ for everyone. Production scheduling needs are off to the side. The stock of tires planned for the first Grand Prix of the year, which were already manufactured or in the process of being so, when the championship of another was postponed, a stock that should be released as far as possible.

So instead of each team choosing the number of tires for each game, the ‘coffee for all’ option has been chosen. There will be eight sets of soft, three medium and two hard tires. The same distribution in each Grand Prix and for each pilot, taking into account the three types of tires chosen depending on each circuit, its characteristics and the expected weather.

This can make tactical variations even smaller than usual. And that the teams that ‘mistreat’ the gums more will not have the loophole of having a sufficient number of the hardest compounds.

Not only that, they will also have at least an additional extra ‘experimental’ tire, which they could use in Friday’s spare seconds. Some tires with small modifications for 2021, although obviously they will be small changes because basically, for the third year, the 2019 rules will be followed. But an additional game for half an hour can be interesting to ‘save’ one of the ‘officials’ for the rest of the weekend.

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