Teams must test these tires in Free Practice 2

These rubbers will be more resistant to overheating

Pirelli will bring new tire prototypes for 2021, which the teams will be required to test in the second free practice session of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix – the second of those held at Silverstone – and that of Spain.

Although it has been agreed that next season, last with 13-inch tires, the same rubbers will be used as this year … that is, those that were already used in 2019, Pirelli wants to introduce some adjustments.

One of the reasons for this decision is the fears of the Italian brand that the increase in aerodynamic load that the team’s engineers achieve year after year will put the tires under stress beyond those recommended from the point of view of safety.

The FIA ​​has reacted with a drastic measure: a cut in the flat bottom that should decrease the ‘downforce’. A change that is apparently simple, but that will cost teams a lot of money to rebalance the cars. If you lose ‘downforce’ behind, you must also lose it in front to keep the cars in balance. A somewhat surprising decision at a time when budget limits are agreed to contain costs.

The current rules require all teams to test these prototype tires during the first 30 minutes of Free 2, without excuses, except for a serious car problem.

The teams have already received from Pirelli what the tire firm intends to prove. Tires that will be able to run with less pressure – this year, to minimize the increase in load and contain tire deformations, the minimum tire pressure has been raised – and that will be more resistant to overheating, “but they are not new tires It is not a new case, “said Mario Isola.

The reason for all this is that Pirelli believes that despite the aerodynamic cut that the FIA ​​will introduce, the teams will have recovered and even increased the aerodynamic load for the final part of the championship.

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