The heat has complicated the work of the pilots when managing the tires

A big drop in temperatures is expected tomorrow

Isola anticipates an even classification after seeing the results of the Free 2

Pirelli has had a difficult Friday at Silverstone, in which the heat has made it very difficult to deal with tire degradation. On a day marked by high temperatures and wind, Italians see a difference of almost a second between medium and soft tires, while the difference between medium and hard is seven tenths.

Today at Silverstone was somewhat atypical, as the conditions this Friday will not be the same as those of the rest of the weekend. Temperatures are expected to drop a lot tomorrow, just like on Sunday, so working with the tires will be somewhat easier, since the heat will not affect degradation as much as it does today.

Lance Stroll was the fastest driver on a day marked by the absence of Mercedes on one lap. Those of Brackley did not want to show their real rhythm, and they will be saved for tomorrow in the classification, in which they will be the favorites to monopolize the front line of the grid, as they did two Saturdays ago in Hungary.

The head of Pirelli, Mario Isola explained that perhaps the data that the teams have collected today is not so relevant due to the hot conditions. Looking ahead, temperatures will drop, and tire performance will be easier to manage and squeeze. Of course, the equality that has been in the second session makes Isola think that tomorrow’s classification will be very tight.

“Silverstone is always a difficult challenge, especially when the cars take to the track in these hot conditions. Working with the tires and managing them at this temperature is very hard. for the rest of the weekend temperatures will drop, and the data may not be so relevant to the teams. 17 cars have been in the second and a half in Free 2, so we could have a busy weekend, “says Isola to conclude.


Hard -C1-: Lewis Hamilton 1’28 “251

Medium -C2-: Valtteri Bottas 1’27 “731

Soft -C3-: Lance Stroll 1’27 “274


Duro -C1-: Esteban Ocon, 26 laps

Medium -C2-: Antonio Giovinazzi, 25 laps

Soft -C3-: Daniel Ricciardo and Romain Grosjean, 19 laps

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