Pirelli presents one of its most emblematic tires, the Cinturato P7, aimed at the high-performance segment, both for passenger cars and SUVs

Although Pirelli’s Cinturato range has more than 70 years of history, this 2020 receives a series of improvements that make it the best option in tires, as it includes a new compound capable of changing depending on the ambient temperature, thanks to a technology than Pirelli called mechanical intelligence and that it is based on a specific tread material.

When the surface of the tire comes into contact with the asphalt incorporates a formula enriched with specific silicon resins that increase grip and improve the performance of the cover polymers.

Said synthetic elastic materials are chemically modified to optimize their interaction with silicon and allow said polymers to change depending on the operating temperature.

These new tires are adapted according to the driving and the temperature thanks to the fact that all the sections of the drawing of the new Cinturato P7 they fulfill a specific function. The lateral and longitudinal grooves, for example, have the function of evacuating water, the shoulder blocks, reduce the stopping distance both on dry and wet ground.

The design and distribution of the stiffness of the sections have also been optimized to offer a larger contact area when cornering.

According to the Car and Driver portal, in the tests carried out during the development of the new Cinturato P7, it has been verified that this tire stops, on average, four meters earlier in a braking of 100 to 0 km / h, which which is equivalent to a reduction of between 7 and 10%.

This new waist also available for electric models or hybrids under the name Elect, which is characterized by a compound that provides an immediate grip, together with a lower rolling resistance to extend the autonomy of the batteries.

Pirelli’s new P7 tires also include a system Run Flat punctures thanks to reinforced flanks capable of supporting the weight of the cars, and Seal Inside, which is based on a special self-sealing film that repairs perforations up to 4 millimeters in diameter.


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