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One of the biggest villains in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies David Jones, will return to the big screen to delight the fans of the saga again.

The films starring Johnny Depp were a success at the box office, although the fourth and fifth were widely criticized and broke records at the box office.

Pirates of the Caribbean have undoubtedly been the best productions he has ever had Disney Throughout the story, the settings, the plot and especially the characters, they stole the hearts of the public.

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Throughout the movies which starred Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow sharing credits with Orlando Bloom and the British actress Keira Knightley playing Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan respectively were the perfect trio for this cinematic formula.

A new Disney production is already underway where one of the villains who most marked the films of the pirates of the Caribbean will return to production, we are talking about Captain David Jones.

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Despite the fact that the story of this character was told quickly in the movies, it would be quite interesting to know a little more about his history with the Goddess Calypso and about his travels in the “Flying Dutchman” and especially how it is that he controlled the beast that swallowed the ships and that the captain himself controlled.

Bill Nighy is the name of the actor who plays Jones, if you remember his story a bit and especially his curse he perished after William Turner he stabbed his heart, making him the new captain of the “Flying Dutchman”, causing neither he nor Elizabeth to be together again.

It is not yet known if Johnny Depp will return with his Jack Sparrow character since at the moment he is dealing with the lawsuit that his ex-wife Amber Heard filed against him, we will have to wait for new news.

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