Pipi Estrada has seen how in the afternoon of September 15 her name did not stop appearing on Twitter. The blue bird social network was filled with comments for a video that was circulating in which the sports collaborator of ‘El Chiringuito de Jugones’ said goodbye to his cat, who had just died, in the consultation of a veterinarian. In the video, Estrada mourns the death of her pet, but also has an uncomfortable final moment with the person who appears to be the veterinarian.

« Here I am with my Trapito. The end has come, » begins the video Pipi Estrada without being able to stop crying. « I don’t know what happened, but suddenly it fell to the terrace below and I caught it but couldn’t get over the moment« The video in question is quite grim, especially by the fact that he is stroking his dead cat, which is on the table.

« He has always been a very good cat. I love you. In life you have to keep fighting, you have no choice, » concluded the collaborator. Social networks have been filled with negative comments towards him. Several users praised the fact that he « paid homage » to their cat, but not in that way. This caused him to be branded as frivolous for sharing the image of the dead cat while the vet recorded the scene.

A bitter end still

Once the content of your message has finished, instead of cutting the scene, it has continued, showing us an error by Pipi Estrada in believing that her cat was still alive. « I haven’t cut yet, » the vet tells him. However, the sportscaster does not understand him, believing that he is telling him that his former friend is still alive. « Is he alive? » He asks in a glimmer of hope.. « That he hadn’t cut off, I mean, that he was still … », he explains, referring to the fact that he had not stopped the recording of the mobile, to which Estrada responds with an « ah. »