Pione Sisto does not learn. The Celta footballer has once again been the protagonist, this season, for failing to comply with the orders of the Vigo club. After two weeks of confinement, the Danish decided on his own to take the car and flee the coronavirus to set sail for Denmark. According to Cope Vigo, the player notified the entity of his 2,800-kilometer and 27-hour trip when he had already taken the road.

This fact will exposed to a heavy financial penalty, since in Spain it is forbidden to leave their homes except for just cause such as going to the supermarket or to work. However, from Celta they assure that the trip of their player “Will be resolved internally”. Sisto is the only one of the celestial ensemble who has skipped the rules to move to the country where his family lives.

The Celta striker does not raise his head this season. Skipping confinement after two weeks locked up at home is just the last of a rebel without a cause. Pione is hardly counting for Óscar García Junyent this season. Her attitudes off the pitch are taking its toll, as she is not the first to experience something like this.

Sisto has already been the protagonist for not eating properly, He spent 21 days eating only fruit. Another of the best known chapters of the Danish international was when he tried to remove all the mucosa from his body. The truth is that it is a fateful season for the Celta footballer and this escape to flee from COVID-19 does not help him at all, on the contrary it worsens the situation even more.