Pinky and Cerebro could return with two new seasons | Instagram

The animated comedy series Pinky and the Brain, thanks to entertainment company Warner Bros. they could go back to the small screen with new episodes after 22 years it ended.

All those who grew up in the 90’s of course remember Animaniacs created by Tom Rugger and produced by Steven Spielberg so we remember the characters Yako, Wakko, Dot and of course Pinky and the Brain.

Animaniacs is a cartoon series that was transmitted for the first time in the year of 1993. Animaniacs humor was a transfusion of memories with antics, references to the culture of the moment, lively violence and follies.

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The Animaniacs series had its final closure in the year of 1999 with a movie: Wakko’s Wish.

For many years people asked for a return of these funny characters and finally everything seems to indicate that it could become a reality thanks to a confession from the voice actor Rob Paulsen, who played the voice of Yakko.

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It was in an interview that Comicbook did Rob the actor said that Animaniacs reboot is real and that it will be a tribute to Gordon Bressack, screenwriter of the series who passed away in August last year.

This is how he also confessed that for this new adaptation the original voice actors will return for two new seasons that will be available on the streaming platform Hulu.

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He assured that this will be a new stage for the series and the story of the famous characters Pinky and Brain, which is expected have the show air on September 14 of this year.

As if that were not enough, he revealed that the characters Pinky and Brain will be within the series, but still has not confirmed nothing the company of Warner Bros. Animation.

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