Confinement to contain the progression of the coronavirus is as harsh as necessary. However, heaven is going to have a gesture pink supermoon and star shower, which can be seen during this month. Do you want to know when? Well keep reading.

These days, the balconies, the roofs, even the windows have transformed their initial function and are becoming places for recreation. Well, they can also be transformed into observatories to see the show that the stars have prepared.

Pink supermoon

On April 8 we will contemplate the ‘Pink’ supermoon. The sky will be brighter than usual because the Moon is in the point of its orbit closest to Earth, the perigee. Probably the full moon will be lived biggest and brightest of the year. The size of the Moon will increase by 7% and the flash will increase by 15%.

It is called rose by a wild plant of that color that blooms around this time in the United States.

Meteor shower

Between April 16 and 25 (we all wish that for those days we can go outside), you can also attend the shower of lyrical stars, whose moment of maximum activity (April 22) it will be a day before the new moon, a factor that will guarantee a good observation. The average rate is usually 18 meteors per hour, with speeds of 49 kilometers per second.

The lyrical, like any other starfall, they are fragments of a comet, specifically C / 1861 G1 (Thatcher) that orbits the Sun once every 415 years.

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