Pink princess Cynthia Rodríguez, wears her leg in a maxi dress

Pink princess Cynthia Rodríguez, wears her leg in a maxi dress | Instagram

In a maxi dress pastel pink that accentuated her silhouette and showed her defined legs, Cynthia Rodríguez, looked like a doll in one of her appearances in the contest “I want to sing!” in which she serves as the star driver.

Wrapped in a large pastel pink dress, Cynthia Rodríguez reappeared in a Photography to show his fans the look with which he would present an edition of the singing reality show that takes place on the Tv Azteca program.

The remembered “former student of The Academy”, Cynthia Rodriguez, shared a photo on Instagram in which his faithful admirers did not notice compliments and compliments to the imposing beauty of the singer-songwriter, who adorned her entire outfit with a big smile.

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It should be noted that the singer-songwriter he sported impeccable style in large part, thanks to his collaborating team whom he thanked in the middle of his post.

My smile today is one of pure love and my look is for the best team, thank you for so much love and passion every day. Dress: @victoryjesse, Stylist: @george_figueroa, Makeup: @gabriel_ruvalcabamakeup, Hair: @vaniama Makeup, Photo: @sergiotorressa

The famous girlfriend Carlos Rivera placeholder image She has shone in various creations by “Victor and Jesse” who are responsible for the collection of beautiful pieces of clothing that she has worn lately and that have made her stand out even more than she already does within the broadcast.

No doubt the popularity has risen towards the “mexican youtuber“and influencer with more than 3 million followers on the Instagram social network, in which he shares his looks of the day every day, as well as other advertising collaborations and / or moments within the variety show.

That spectacular look, ‘You have a unique beauty but my respects to all your team, they look mega every day,’ How beautiful Cyn ‘,’ You are beautiful! ‘,’ Perfect! ‘,’ What beauty ‘,’ Very pretty ‘ , ‘Spectacularly beautiful’, wrote some of his loyal followers in the snapshot, which added 145,792 ‘I like it’.

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Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz, who earned the title of “queen grupera”, after passing through the singing contest, has since shown various aptitudes throughout her participation in television as well as discipline and a great bearing within and out of production.

The “model” originally from Monclova, Coahuila, is one of the most popular personalities on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she constantly raves about her fashion choices, which is why she has also managed to stand out.

In addition, before her role as presenter, the voice of Cynthia Rodríguez has been the subject of several novels “If you are not with me”, “The force of destiny”, and “Something between the two” with Raúl Sandoval, are some of them .

In addition to acting in 3 unitary series, all broadcast by Azteca 13, in her fate as host there have been 5 television programs, 2 of them in Azteca América.

Without a doubt, the beauty of Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz totally inspires and also causes some envy towards the interpreter of “What is ours to stay with”, “Other lives”, “How to pay you” among many others.

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The Mexican interpreter, who is currently in Spain with his #GuerraTour tour, where, according to what he shared on his social networks, the response from the public has been very favorable, “registering full houses.”

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