Pink lace by Aleida Núñez captivates and falls in love when you see it!

Pink lace by Aleida Núñez captivates and falls in love when you see it! | Instagram

The beautiful Mexican actress and also businesswoman, model and singer Aleida Núñez shared on her official Instagram account two photos with which she managed to pamper her followers, while doing two things at the same time showing off her huge charms and promote one of their products.

This publication was made on March 25, in it she appears wearing a tiny top with thin straps made of pink lace, this with the aim that the jeans she was wearing could show off, which she undoubtedly managed to do.

However it is impossible not to see the Photo without first appreciating her beautiful figure before, because Aleida Nunez she is fortunate to be the possessor of an enviable body.

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She herself confessed in another of her posts shared on April 26 that since she was 16 years old, she has been exercising, that is noticeable at first glance especially because she is perfectly turned and it is not something you could achieve in a few months, without a doubt the Discipline and dedication are important not only to look with perfect bodies but also healthy as well as the mind.

Aleida has become an entrepreneur, she has a line of jeans that apparently highlights her best charms, although to tell the truth for her it is not something complicated.


The design he is using is high waist, the waistband of the pants is quite wide, which is perfect for those of us who have those uncomfortable chubby ones, surely the design helps you accentuate the waist and this striking part of the body.

Something that also attracts the attention of the design and that will surely draw attention to more than one Internet user is the cut on the hip, as you can see a little more in the second where it is kneeling.

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The striking thing is that on the sides at the hip it has a cut that forms a heart at the back of the piece, this makes its rear charms stand out, precisely because of the design of the cut, it is something perfect for those who do not have volume in this part of your body.

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At the bottom we see that it is narrower, so it perfectly delineates the legs, although it is not perfectly distinguished, it seems that the jeans are buttoned, although not everyone likes to use buttons. in several ways better than using a closure, although of course there will be people who think differently.

Núñez is wearing closed nude sneakers with high heels, this also causes her exquisite figure look even more stylish, but we have no doubt that wearing this design with tennis shoes or flats will also look fabulous.


Since she opened her Instagram account, the model has managed to impose herself on her social networks, for a long time she has not stopped showing photographs and also the most flirtatious videos, of course without passing the limit allowed to show on Instagram, her content has been good accepted by his more than 3.4 million followers.

This particular post has 111,049 like’s and 1,062 comments as well, several of them curiously not paying attention to the jeans she was wearing. actressIt should be noted that those who commented on the publication are mostly men.

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Despite this, it is certain that several women if they realized that the jeans are from their line, probably some have wondered about the top because it was also quite flirtatious, so far everything that the model, actress and businesswoman has published has been completely liked by her fandom, who do not hesitate to repeat how beautiful she looks.

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