Former Minas Gerais governor Fernando Pimentel (PT) and his former finance secretary, José Afonso Bicalho Beltrão da Silva, were indicted for embezzlement and embezzlement by the State Civil Police. They are accused of not passing on payroll deductible credit discounts to public institutions. Pimentel ruled Minas from 2015 to 2018. According to the investigations, the total amount not transferred was R $ 924 million, in operations involving at least 280 thousand employees.

Complaints about resource retention began to appear in late 2017, by unions. Servers had their names sent to the credit protection service.

The Pimentel government was marked by a serious economic crisis. The delegate responsible for the investigation, Gabriel Ciriaco Fonseca, said that it was found that the governor and the secretary attributed the lack of transfer of funds to the financial crisis.

“But we have in court decisions that this issue involving payroll loans is not about public funds, which can be affected by the financial crisis.” According to him, of the total not transferred, about R $ 500 million was paid only by the current government.

Pimentel said, in a statement, that he does not know the investigation and has not even been heard. “And, what is more absurd, I know this from the press. Unfortunately, this practice has become commonplace in the country, which certainly should contribute a lot to the phenomenon defined by political scientists as ‘criminalization of politics’. It has led Brazil to the sad Today’s situation: a president was elected who operates openly against the Democratic Rule of Law. ” The report did not find Bicalho.

The penalty for embezzlement is two to 12 years in prison.

The information is from the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.

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