Pilot Pierre Cherpin dies after four days in a coma

Drama on the Dakar. At dawn from Thursday to Friday, the pilot died Pierre Cherpin in the course of his transfer from Jeddah to Lille. The 52-year-old Frenchman died of injuries sustained after a crash in the seventh stage of the world’s most important motor event.

Cherpin He was found unconscious after a severe fall in the seventh stage of the Dakar and was immediately transferred to a medical center where he underwent emergency surgery after being diagnosed with a severe head injury with loss of consciousness. His condition had been stable for two days but he eventually went into complications and nothing could be done to save his life as he was being airlifted from Jeddah to France.

As reported by Dakar In a statement, the French rider started the test in 2009, when the Dakar first arrived in South America. He did it in the category of “Malle-moto” and returned in 2012, in the same category. Both times the test ended. In 2015 he started again, but was forced to leave due to an engine failure. Six years later, in 2021, always in the same category, now known as the “Original by Motul”, one of the toughest of the test since the pilots cannot resort to medical assistance.

Sailing lover, this 52-year-old businessman had as his only ambition when participating in the Dakar that of living an adventure without thinking about victory: “I am an amateur, I do not come to win but to discover landscapes that could never have the opportunity to see if it wasn’t for this. Everything is exciting: riding a racing motorcycle, living your passion and learning to know yourself ”.