“data-reactid =” 25 “>” Gluten free coconut magic cookies. Healthy, easy and delicious. They are a sweet, healthy and energetic treat for children and for me, who now have a high energy demand. I always carry them with me and we all eat them at home, we love them, “revealed the also guru of healthy living, on her Instagram profile, about which she has already become one of her main sources of morning energy.

The artist has shared a video that portrays her in her kitchen and with her hands in the dough, preparing a tray of about 25 or 30 cookies that will last a little more than a week, provided that she and her three ‘Spartans’, Sergio Junior , Marco and Alejandro, stay true to the consumption forecast of clearly appetizing ‘snacks’ and, probably, a little addictive. “There is never a lack of cookies, but cookies that I make. And I’m going to tell you why, because they are gluten-free coconut cookies. Not having gluten means not only that they are suitable for people with celiac disease, but that we avoid intestinal inflammation,” explained at the beginning of the recording.