Pilar Rubio ends her last challenge in ‘El hormiguero’ in tears

After the interview with Raquel Sánchez Silva this Wednesday in El hormiguero, the Trancas and Barrancas section and science with Marron, Pablo Motos gave way to Pilar Rubio and a new challenge from the collaborator of the Antena 3 program, who every week tries to improve herself.

The Madrilenian faced a challenge in height: Build an 8 meter bridge in length with boards to be able to cross the structure from one side to the other ascent to a platform at a height of 20 meters.

Pilar Rubio, in ‘El hormiguero’ ATRESMEDIA

What’s more, Motos stressed that Rubio had an extra difficulty, he has vertigo … but she faced the challenge proposed by the Valencian despite the cold and prevailing wind in Madrid this Wednesday.

“I told you: Is the 20-meter bridge okay? And you answered yes,” Motos said, to which the collaborator replied, visibly nervous, that “I didn’t think it through well”.

The presenter highlighted the safety of the test, from ropes that held the Madrilenian to a net under the structure in case any of the boards fell to the ground: “If it hits someone, it kills them,” said Motos.

Pilar Rubio, in 'El hormiguero'.Pilar Rubio, in ‘El hormiguero’ ATRESMEDIA

Rubio managed to overcome the challenge in less than five harrowing minutes, where she could be seen excited and with tears in her eyes upon reaching the end of the structure: “I’m very happy, even if it doesn’t seem like it., He admitted as he went down to the ground to meet the presenter and Sánchez Silva.