This afternoon Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio they have posed happily before the press with their four childrenSergio Jr, six, Marco four, Alejandro two and the newborn Máximo Adriano. The couple wanted to have a detail with the press and pose at the exit of the hospital center, as they did on the previous three occasions. Pilar, very recovered, as in her other deliveries, has chosen for the occasion a dress with floral motifs in cream colors. Like the children and the father, they have also chosen that tone for the presentation of the new member of the family.

Pilar and the children are happy: « they are delighted with the new little brother. The children are very collaborative and very excited. « For his part, Sergio wanted to thank the press who were at the door for their interest: » Thank you for the love you always show us and the respect « 

Pilar and Sergio are already at home with the youngest of the family, who was born last Sunday July 26 by natural childbirth. Máximo Adriano has been a very desired baby and there was much speculation about the possibility that the couple finally had a girl, but in the end it was another boy. The Real Madrid defender believes that four is enough and they stand, they will no longer try to go after the girl.