Pigeons block Florida highway for three hours, unleash chaos

A highway exit Interstate 95 in Florida had to be closed for three hours after a hundred pigeons messengers will fall out of a truck and refuse to move, creating a danger to the driversauthorities said Wednesday.

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A box with 100 pigeons messengers fell from a truck Tuesday afternoon around Daytona Beach. As the birds rest at night, the pigeons stayed on the road until the bright lights of the vehicles startled them. They took flight and became a danger to drivers, according to a press release from county officials Volusia.

It is the worst case scenario: carrier pigeons that cannot find their home, ”the statement said.

Local and state police, and animal control service workers tried to capture the pigeons, finally recovering 73 birds. The pigeons were not ringed, so it was not immediately determined who their owner was, officials said.

Our job is to help the animals return home, whether they are covered in fur, scales or, in this case, feathers, ”said Alicia Dease, Volusia County Animal Control Inspector. “We hope that someone has information about where these pigeons come from or the truck that transported them.”


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