Two weeks after the death of her former accomplice, Maïté mourns the death of her husband, Jean-Pierre Ordonez, who died on September 9, 2020 at the age of 84.

A few weeks after the death of his former accomplice on the program “La cuisine des mousquetaires”, Maïté lost her husband “Pierrot”. Jean-Pierre Ordonez, 84, died on Wednesday September 9, had been the husband of the famous cook for more than sixty years. The couple married in 1958.

“Pierrot”, as everyone nicknamed him, died in his village of Rion-des-Landes, where the couple was from and resided. As South West reports, the funeral will be held on Friday September 11 in the afternoon. In the meantime, the causes of his death are still not known.

Again in the face of death

It is therefore a new drama that strikes the iconic cook. Indeed, on Wednesday August 26, Michèle Banzet-Lawton, partner of Maïté in the program “La Cuisine des Mousquetaires”, died at the age of 97 years.

The duo had notably made the heyday of France 3 for almost 16 years. Hosted by Micheline Banzet and the famous Maïté, nickname of the chef Marie-Thérèse Ordonez, the program suddenly ended in 1999. Since then, the restaurateur from Rion-des-Landes had chosen to move away from the world of television.

Maity: Micheline Banzet-Lawton and Maïté for the show “La cuisine des mousquetaires”

The death of his son Serge

Maïté also lost her son Serge, who died of cancer at the age of 52, in 2013. As reported by Gala, the famous cook then mainly took care of her two granddaughters Perrine and Camille, today. hui aged 20 and 19. Abandoning his restaurant, the latter was placed in compulsory liquidation and closed its doors in 2015.

However, the succession is assured. Indeed, her granddaughter Camille, 19, chose to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. She also participated in Objectif Top Chef on M6, last November. Philippe Etchebest was then pleasantly surprised to find himself face to face with the granddaughter of the one with whom he had made his first TV as a chef.

Maity: Maity: Maïté and Pierrot