Pierre Palmade got his life back on track after a complicated period. The artist, who divides his time between Paris and his new house in Cély-en-Bière, is monopolized by work and it does him the greatest good. He now offers the piece Assume, damn it! A show that allows him to settle some scores.

At the Théâtre du Marais, in the 3rd arrondissement of the capital, Pierre Palmade gives the reply to Benjamin Gauthier, one of the residents of his troop. The two men embody a gay couple in the throes of daily life. One does not assume his homosexuality when the other is an activist … This necessarily echoes the 52-year-old comedian, whose comments on the way he sees and lives his homosexuality have earned him criticism from a party from the community. In 2019, he declared in particular in ONPC that he was sorting between “gays who eat gay, who live gay, who laugh gay (…) and homos, people who are homos, but it is not marked on their forehead “. Previously, he had admitted that his homosexuality made him sad, that he needed to drink to forget about it or to use drugs.

Asked by . about this show, Pierre Palmade sets things straight. “I did not digest this misunderstanding with the gay community … With this piece, I hope to be forgiven by people who have misunderstood me (…) This piece is not a mea culpa because I did not make any mistakes. I was mostly misunderstood and disproportionately. I cannot be in conflict with my community“, he confided.

Note that from October, the comedian will resume the tour of Pierre Palmade plays his sketches. “I resume my favorite sketches with all the forms of humor that I have approached: observation, cynicism and a little poetry too (…) There is a little gravity that serves humor, I believe … “, he added.