Two women were brutally murdered with machetes, later one of the feminicides left the baby on the chest of one of the victims

By: Web Writing

Manabi, Ecuador.- A baby just 20 days old was found clinging to the body of his dead mother after she and another woman were brutally murdered by unidentified individuals who used machetes to attack them.

Despite the brutality of the terrible femicide of these two people, what most caught the attention of the press and of society in general was the fact that the newborn was found lactating from the body of his deceased mother.

Journalistic reports suggest that the victims were identified as 23-year-old Gema Cabrera, who owned the house where the terrible crime occurred, and 26-year-old Paulina who was visiting. Both show signs of extreme violence.

Miguel, close to the victims, who was the person who found the bodies, affirms that Gema’s other daughter, who is 6 years old and has a disability, was in the house.

According to this person’s suspicions, the murderers should have left the baby in the mother’s chest to prevent her from making a scandal that could alert neighbors.

Authorities are already investigating the case

At the moment, the authorities have already started an investigation to clarify the facts, however, according to the testimony of Adolfo Acosta, Manta’s prosecutor, it is still unknown what the motive of the double femicide.

According to the line of investigation they are using, it is believed that at least one of those responsible knew the sisters. This is because no trace was found that they have forced the locks or have entered the home in a violent way.

(With information from the Popular newspaper)