Photos Kimberly Loaiza boasts her silhouette clad in a white suit | Instagram

Goddess! This is how the beautiful Kimberly Loaiza looks in her recent photographs clad in a white dress that shows off her beautiful anatomy.

The older cutie looks most daring on a white car posing with her powerful curves and like a professional model.

Kim dressed in a full white suit that shows off her silhouette perfectly, highlighting her waist.

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A post shared by Kimberly Loaiza (@ kimberly.loaiza) on Jun 26, 2020 at 3:42 PDT

During the year she received harsh criticism about her physical appearance, this after giving birth to her first-born Kima Sofia.

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There were those who assured that the youtuber was fat and when they began to see changes in her figure, rumors of a cosmetic surgery in Colombia.

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The celebrity flatly denied having undergone any cosmetic treatment on her body and welcomed the comments as it meant they saw her better.

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Loaiza has shown that she has entered an exercise routine into her daily life, so that could be the secret of her enormous figure.