Super Rare Games It is a British company that is in charge of bringing to the physical format some titles of Nintendo Switch They were only available in digital format through limited editions that can be purchased directly from your store. Although the last title we knew that this pattern would follow was Litte Inferno, now it has already been announced that Tricky Towers will be next (in collaboration with WeirdBeard) that will also come to this coveted format by the most collectors who love to see the number of games they put on their bookshelf grow.

Tricky Towers is the next title that Super Rare Games will take in physical format to Nintendo Switch

If you are lovers of the physical format, and if you like it Tricky Towers, Then you must be aware of the Super Rare Games website, since soon its edition will be on sale in this format. When it is going to be? Well, you will have to set the alarm (to buy one of the 4,000 copies available as soon as possible) for next Thursday May 28, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.. Thus, this edition will cost about 36.16 € to which must be added another 10 € approximate shipping costs, and, unlike other titles that have been presented previously, this will NOT have a steelbook edition, but it will will contain the same elements as other editions– In-game cartridge (including 6 DLCs), 12-page full-color manual, inside cover image, exclusive sticker, and three collectible Super Rare Games cards.

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However, even if the purchase of Tricky Towers is made next week, you will still have to wait a little longer to receive it, since shipments will begin to be made the week of June 8 and, due to the current situation caused by COVID- 19, delivery may even be delayed somewhat more.

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