This time, Georgina Rodriguez It has not been in the news because of a provocative or suggestive pose that he usually publishes on Instagram but because of the certain controversy that the last photo he has uploaded on his official profile has generated.

The influencer appears sitting on a chair in a bikini while she is being made up for an event, but the size of her legs and especially her left foot, as it seems too large and elongated. A detail that has not gone unnoticed by her millions of followers, who wonder if the Spanish woman of Argentine origin has used Photoshop And the editor has generated that effect or is it really that their feet are disproportionately large.

A Georgina Rodríguez who does not seem at all concerned about the comments that may have been generated after that photograph published on Instagram. In fact, later he uploaded a story with his cat at home, without getting into the rag of gossip and bypassing the controversy and debate generated on social networks.

The model and influencer is going through a very happy time in her life. More in love than ever with Cristiano Ronaldo as she remembers almost daily on Instagram, a few days ago it was also absolute protagonist at the Venice Film Festival, where she aroused the praise of locals and strangers for her beauty and the models she wore. It was a great experience for Georgina Rodríguez, as she later recognized in her networks.