Photoshoot of Chicago girl proudly wearing typical Mexican costume goes viral

In social networks, the photographs shared by a Mexican photographer named Julio Leal Ortiz have caused a sensation, who with his camera captured a little girl from Chicago proudly wearing a typical Mexican costume.

The protagonist of this photo shoot is called Taylor, who together with his mother Ambry owns a YouTube channel called “Taylor’s Mom”, where both share videos of the trips they usually make to different parts of the world.

A couple of weeks ago, Taylor and her mother traveled to Mexico, particularly Mérida, where they contacted Leal, since the photographer lives in that city to request that he do a very special photo shoot for the girl’s 5th birthday.

The mother explained to Leal that to celebrate this special day, she and Taylor would be in the magical town of Izamal.

The photographer shared some of the photos of the charismatic Taylor, dressed in the typical Yucatan suit, where not only the beauty of the embroidery is appreciated, but also details of the unique landscape of the region, adorned by the sympathy of the model.

“We met Taylor and Ambry; She saw that I was a photographer and told me that it was her 5th birthday and that they wanted photographs in Izamal. On Monday of last week we did the session, the girl loves our culture and the traditions that we have in Yucatan and how people wore typical clothing with pride. So they decided to buy typical clothing and we launched ourselves, ”Leal explained in an interview for

“We were dancing and I was able to capture the happiness of the girl, who through the photos shows that we both enjoy the moment, many times, children and even adults are self-conscious, but she does not. I danced with her, we jumped, and we even sang and we were able to get these spontaneous moments out of her, “he added.

In the images, little Taylor is wearing a typical dress from the region called a Yucatecan suit, which consists of 3 pieces:

* Fustán or white petticoat with the waist that reaches the feet. In its lower part it is adorned with rich lace.

* Hipil or white dress that reaches mid-leg and whose lower part is heavily embroidered in colors. It is placed on the fustan.

* Jubón, very elaborate piece with rich embroidery, square neckline, that goes over the hipil.

In addition, the Yucatecan suit is usually worn by women on holidays or celebrations.

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