Photos from iPhone 12 Pro have higher dynamic range than Canon EOS R5

When we first saw the new iPhones, we discovered the great photographic capabilities that this renewed range brought with it. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max as the maximum exponent From Apple’s advancements, the company has managed to reach a new level. And much of that progress has been taken by the High Dynamic Range Image Capture feature, or HDR.

iPhone 12 pro camerasIPhone 12 Pro cameras

HDR is nothing new. We have been seeing it for years on cameras and other devices such as mobile phones. In each of them, the manufacturer’s interpretation has led to better or worse results. But, in all of them, the objective is clear: achieve greater detail in photography by more accurately capturing the light in the scene.

The difference between the HDR captures of one device or another is in the stops, which would be something like the amount of exposure levels, of light, that the sensor can distinguish in the photograph. Thus, the more stops, the more detailed the photographs will be. And this is precisely where the new iPhone 12 Pro and Apple ProRAW.

As with the ProRES format for video, ProRAW is a format created by Apple to take full advantage of the camera capabilities of the new iPhone 12 Pro. Thanks to these DNG files, we will have access to images with a large amount of information incredible.

Image iPhone 12 ProPortrait with the iPhone 12 Pro camera

And among his greatest achievements, up to 14 stops of dynamic range in each photograph and 12-bit color according to PetaPixel, above even what we find in professional cameras such as the Canon EOS R5, capable of reaching 12.8 stops of dynamic range.

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This will be appreciated by those who are interested in using professional photo editing software for photo editing. In the end, it is a way to achieve incredible results, with a camera that fits in your pocket. However, we will still have to wait a bit before we can test Apple ProRAW, which will be available with the iOS 14.3 update, now available in beta.