Photographs will no longer be taken of the INE credential of people vaccinated against COVID-19: López-Gatell

López-Gatell reported that the INE will no longer be photographed of people who come to be vaccinated against COVID-19 (Video: SSa)

Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, reported that they will no longer take photographs at voter credentials or people who come to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

In an evening press conference, the official announced that this mechanism began to be used with the aim of ffacilitate follow-up of immunized patients, since the INE is an identification document that includes the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).

One of the documents that has legal validity, where the CURP is, is the voter’s credential, it is on the reverse. Now, the need or not need to take the photograph of the credential and the person: it is not necessary. It is an element that operationally began to be used for ease, but it is not essential to take a photo of the person or the voting credential and access to the vaccine should not be restricted under any circumstances to a person who makes the free decision sovereign that the photograph is not taken of the credential or the person

“We are not going to continue taking these photographs, the CURP and the other monitoring data will continue to be collected, but the photograph of the person will not be taken nor will the photograph of the credential continue to be taken”, Reiterated the specialist.

According to the undersecretary, the voter's credential is a useful document to follow up on people immunized against COVID-19 (Photo: Cuartoscuro) According to the undersecretary, the voter’s credential is a useful document to follow up on people immunized against COVID-19 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

In addition to this, López-Gatell explained that the identification of the people who receive the dose of the antigen is important because in this way it is possible to monitor the Events Supposedly Attributable to Vaccination (ESAVI).

The undersecretary recalled that all the countries in which the biological product is being applied has been approved for emergency use, therefore, at the current stage, what are its effectiveness attributions is being studied.

Facilitates to make effectiveness evaluations, the ability to protect against COVID-19 in real conditions, no longer in experimental conditions. These are reasons why the nominal census is very important, that is, the individual registration of each person, for that purpose we need the CURP

On the other hand, he added that it is possible to present the ID of the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), an official document with a photograph and another that indicates the residence of the person interested in receiving the dose of the biological.

Lorenzo Córdova, president of the INE, celebrated the decision of the Ministry of Health to no longer photograph the voter's credential (Photo: Twitter) Lorenzo Córdova, president of the INE, celebrated the decision of the Ministry of Health to no longer photograph the voter’s credential (Photo: Twitter)

By making this news known, Lorenzo Cordova, President of the Federal Electoral Institute, celebrated the decision to stop the capture in photography of the voting credential.

“The INE credential is the main identification document in Mexico; its use is correct to verify the identity of the people in the vaccination. We acknowledge the decision of @SSalud_mx to instruct that they stop photographing or photocopying themselves in the vaccination modules”He wrote on his Twitter account.

Last Tuesday, López-Gatell had already addressed the issue. In response to the express question of a reporter, the official clarified that the Vaccination Program against coronavirus should not be used for electoral purposes. In addition, he called on the population to denounce any act that goes against this premise.

“This program it has nothing to do with any political party, nor with electoral political phenomena, this is a government program, is financed with the national treasury, which is mainly nourished by taxes and contributions that the Mexican government has as a means of collection. It is a free, universal program and does not have to do in any way with any political party”Commented the main spokesperson for the SSa.


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