Photographer sold Luis Miguel’s father, Luis Rey in his bed

Photographer sold Luis Miguel’s father, Luis Rey in his bed | Instagram

An Argentine journalist would be one of the witnesses of the last hours of the father of the singer Luis Miguel, Luis Rey, which was in a clinic, the photographer reveals, was hired by a magazine to investigate where he was hospitalized and thus capture his last moments.

In the midst of the various contradictions that the next premiere of the second season of Luis Miguel, various theories have emerged about the departure of Luisito Rey, who for several days has been assured, a series of images show him in his last moments of agony.

In terminal phase, intubated and in his mu3rt3 bed, this is how the last images of Luis Rey with the last breath of life were immortalized that 1992 in some photographs that the Argentine Gabriel Piko would sell to the highest bidder.

The paparazzi assures that he was hired by Gente magazine to investigate where the singer’s father was interned and took a series of images in his last moments. He witnessed such an intimate and personal moment in the life of the family and was even present at the Spanish’s funeral and at one of the most difficult moments in the life of the “Sun of Mexico“.

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In more detail, Gabriel Piko ended up revealing to the magazine Tv Notes the experiences that will be well recorded in his memory of all the in-depth investigation in Barcelona and the arrival of Luis Miguel to say goodbye to his father.

At that time, he assured the Mexican magazine, he lived in the Motherland where he worked in a French agency, from there he had covered the 1992 Olympic Games, addressed issues of realization and politics, and maintained contacts with the Editorial Francia of Buenos Aires .

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At that time, the request came into his hands: Finding the whereabouts of the father of the “Puerto Rican” artist, at that time, he a little away from the Latin American show business asked Who was Luis Miguel?

I was ignorant of him and was oblivious to his success in America, since I came from working in the Middle East, which is a completely alien and different culture.

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However, he had a task and he got down to work to do it, at that time he realized that he was the only journalist, without explaining it completely, he had no obstacles to go see the Spanish artist, he thought that someone was interested that the subject was known.

Although Gabriel took some photographs, he revealed that he felt sorry for having done so, however, the photographs would be clear proof that Luis Miguel was not with his father in his last moments, he could not even speak with him nor could he leave the room angry as the Netflix series shows.

It hurt me a lot that the series told it in another way, such as the fact that the son leaves his father’s bed angry with him, he commented

Luis Rey left on December 9, 1992, and since the launch of the first season of the series, in 2018, there have been people who have tried to profit from one of the most sensitive moments in the life of the “divo de México”.

It was recently during this 2021, year of the premiere of the second season of Luis Miguel: The Series, that this kind of events are presented again.

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Through the medium “Sale el Sol”, where journalist Ana María Alvarado warned that a person on Facebook was trying to contact various media with the intention of negotiating for some images of “Luismi’s” father.