Photo Violet Isfel completely natural from her bed for Instagram | Reform

The beautiful and talented Violeta Isfel boasted a photograph completely natural and from the privacy of her bed on social networks.

The young actress noted that the image in which she is without any garment was captured by her husband while she responded to messages from her followers.

In the publication you can see Isfel upside down without realizing that he was being captured at that time and he can appreciate a bold tattoo right where the back loses its name.

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I love the photos that my husband @ rb7802 takes, while I see their messages and I answer them, he wrote next to the image.


Violeta has been characterized by her simplicity and closeness to Internet users, who do not stop giving her words of encouragement and affection on social networks.

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The actress has revealed on social networks and the media that in the face of the crisis caused by the current pandemic, she decided to make hamburgers for support your family.

Amid teasing by some and applause by others, Violeta stood out for her entrepreneurial spirit and now her burgers are very popular, there are those who die for an Isfel burguer and she is proud of it.